Thursday, 26 January 2012

on my way to kuya arvin's workshop !!!!
im gonna portray that sad girl a while ago :DD
hihi and i forgot to bring the black sandal :(
what can i wear later ??
oh >.< crazyy me .. tss

i want to go home early !!
got so many things to doooo !!!!!!!!

have a great day dolls ^___________^

well done project :))

hi guys :))
good day !!
finally i want to share with you my project .. hmmm
this is my 1st time actually in getting this course
(autoCAD leading to drafting)
or its like architect :DD but not really , im just a beginner :DD
ok i wanna give you a tour on how did i made it . hihihi

ok i started with a scratch of course haha
i have here now a sofa , lamps and the wall :))
just the drawing itself is so hard .. and it even takes a lot of time just to create this simple objects hihi

then i tried to put some tables , windows frame , and the doors :))
a lot of time again :DD
and actually adding the color to the objects is so hard ..
you need to match well the colors of the materials and the design of the objects ..
and oh i already have stairs too :D i can imagine what it looks like now:DD
haha lol

ohh take a picture while rendering ^___^
do i look like a haggard ugly girl ?? haha
anyway look at my house :DD its turning pink ^_____^
im doing this last things to render it ^___^
ad some cute stuffs to make it look more presentable ..

and yey !!
finally it looks a bit presentable now :DD haha
i now have floor !!!
and lights !!!!!!!!!
yeah !! haha :DD omg ..

tadda !!!!!!!
here's the final one :))
its rendered already :))
hihi i was like ..
goosebumps !!
finally im done with my interior design :))
yes this is just the interior design ,,

but im done with the exterior design ..
floor plan ,
and the roof :))

i wanna show it to you too but im really busy these past few days because of photoworks :DD
our photographer always say ..
michelle leave the computer !!
hahaha thats why i need to minimize my time here :))

but i'll post it soon ^_______^
thanks thanks :))

fighting !!

introduce myself :DDD

hi :) i am michelle misanes ^__^
My Interest are Taking Picturess and stuffs :))


One thing : Hey guys!, It's Me :)) No Cameras,No Plastics Just me mich :♥
♥ RAWR ♥
michelle b. misanes [mich] here :))
I ♥ KPOP :) I LOVE NUMBER 6 , 18 ,and 3 !! :)) Cause when the Date comes to those numbers

A simple girl , with a BIG TIME DREAM :] My Dream is to be STAR , Not the STAR you can see in the SKY But a STAR in being FAMOUS ONE DAY .
I wanna be a Singer :) Not Just any Singer , But a FAMOUS and SUCCESSFUL ONE ! :) And oh i really idolize SARAH GERONIMO , Katy Perry , Taylor Swift , BRITNEY SPEARS , KPOP STARS Bruno Mars etc. Hobbies : singing , Playing piano [sometimes :)] , dancing , making videos , Watching TV ( :DD ) Facebook :D , tweeter :)) ,blogging , tumblr ♥

I love being around with my friends and family ♥ And if you get to know me , Buh-lieve me i'm Dangerous :D Coz' i'm a lCrazy| , well that's what they say ;) But although , i'm those things they still accept me :D When it comes to me being Lonely ,
You'll Probably Notice It It's because I don't really talk , i when you ask me questions i'll nod or probably say nothing at all So when you are really close to me , you will really know that something is really not going right ;) It's because you see , i'm really talkative ;) Exaggerated Talkative ♥ :D Mostly my teachers let me transfer seats because i always chat with everyone ;) But though i'm far away , it's like nothing happen :D I talk , laugh and etc. :D There are things that can make me Shut Up :)

1. If there is someone who is gonna take a picture :"> Because Of Couurse , You Pose and Smile ♥

2. When I'm thinking of someone :) --> Really ? :D In Fights or Trouble before i'm really impatient but now , i became patient so i just let it go for quite awhile but if you keep talking nonsense about me , i'm not gonna make things longer . I'm gonna talk to you , No Shouting , No Violent Actions But Once you've cross the line , Oh Well :"> I'm Sosoreeh , for the thing that i'm gonna do So Know Your Boundaries . K ? :)

) I'm a girl who smiles Even There's Sadness behind it who Laughs , when there's tears behind it who says " It's OKAY" , when everything is going wrong :'( - Not Everytime though (: , i'm a happy person you know :D

- Goals In Life ? --> To Go to korea and the Moon ♥ :D
--> To Be Famous ♥ --> To own an airplane and to have 5 Ferraris :)
--> To have a successful life and wonderful family And I Forgot to Tell you ... I really hate PlASTIC PEOPLE If you hate me or don't like me TELL ME , don't PRETEND :/ But I LOVE HONEST AND LOYAL PEOPLE What I Love ? Hmmp , there's too many :> I love MALLS , FASHION CLOTHES [korean clothes] , , Gossip Girl :) I Love shoes I Love accessories I Love Pink / light blue / Red :) I Love My Haiiir :) I Love CREAM -O ♥ Seriously ;) I'm a CREAM-O-HOLIC :)) you don't believe me ? Ask my friends :> I Love people who compliments me :> I Love Honest , Kind & Understanding People :D I Love Stuff Toys
I Love Bracelets , Necklaces I Love things that are given to me by people , i really cherish and treasure it ♥ I Love these SMILEYS ( ^_^ , ^^ , :)) ) I Love CUPCAKES :DD I Love Happy Endings :> I Love my Bestfriends & Family ;) I Love People who are honest ♥ I love textiing ;)
I Love my bestfriend (: I Love Munchkiins :D I Love Siinging :) I Love Music Videoing :DD I Love TALKING WITH KOREANS [not that much :)) ] , they are so adorable :)
I Love being K I K A Y ♥ and many more :>
INLOVE : YES WITH WHO : That One Special Guy ♥ Hahahahha , K :)

Corny yung mga lines na ginamit ko sa ibang paragraphs ;) But Truue :)


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